Design Development

Design development is at the core of the Shea+Latone business. Although we offer services from concept to production we specialize in developing ideas. If you are a designer with a concept and need help getting your ideas into production we can work hand in hand with you to preserve design intent and create a sellable product. For product manufacturers we can offer design development services or work with your designers to create feasible new products.

Our engineering staff can evaluate designs and ensure they will pass strength and regulatory requirements. Using both linear and non-linear FEA analysis our engineers can perform a variety of simulations. Once a design is ready we can perform DFM tasks and ensure your documentation is complete.

Product & Furniture Testing

We have an in-house test lab to handle a variety of cycle and destructive product tests. Our lab is listed for BIFMA furniture testing and we can also perform custom tests for products that don’t have regulatory requirements but need to endure in the marketplace. Whether testing a prototype early in the product development cycle or testing a production product we can work with you to develop a test plan and criteria for your specific design. ┬áIn the event of a failure our dedicated staff of design development experts is here to help develop a solution quickly. Whether furniture testing or developing a new test our staff can work with you to ensure your product is as durable as possible.

Contact Us today to talk about how we can help you with your BIFMA furniture testing or other testing needs.

Prototyping & Fabrication

We set ourselves apart from other design firms by always focusing on turning ideas into reality quickly. Our large prototype and fabrication shop is equipped to handle a variety of services. When a product is in development our shop can fabricate looks-like and works-like prototypes. Our in-house 3D printer helps rapid prototype ideas quickly while our craftsmen can make parts in wood, metal, or plastics.Our shop can also CNC cut molds for casting rubbers, plastics, and even foam for seat cushions or other products.

Our shop also services production facilities by fabricating production assembly fixtures, jigs, and tools. When your product needs a custom tool to aid in assembly we can fabricate it complete with R&R reports when needed.