Testing Services

We offer a variety of testing services. Our lab is built to test designs that we develop as well as provide trusted testing services to anyone in need. We understand that testing is an important part of any successful product, and due to this we do not simply give pass / fail reports. Instead, our team of highly skilled designers and engineers are available to offer solutions on how to address the failure for improving the product.

Cycle testing can provide valuable insight into potential failure points before an issue arises in the field. Our lab has the flexibility to run tests in any cycle range, whether it is hundred or millions. When combined with other engineering analysis, cycle testing can help guide design and manufacturing decisions, resulting in more robust and safer products.

While cycle testing can provide information on durability throughout a product’s life cycle, dynamic testing can help steer engineering decisions such as material strength or part geometry. Our lab is equipped to perform push or pull strength tests, impact tests, stability tests and a variety of other one-time tests to help gather data on a specific part or assembly design.

We are a BIFMA listed lab for Pennsylvania. Our lab is specifically geared to perform BIFMA furniture testing. We have grown to become experts in the furniture industry due to our years of experience in testing and developing furniture. We have equipment dedicated to performing tests for seating, monitor arms, desks, cabinets and more.

We have built our test equipment to be modular and flexible. The ability to reconfigure stations quickly allows us to perform regulatory tests and a variety of custom tests when an industry standard may not exist. Our staff of engineers and fabricators can work together to develop a custom test plan, along with any necessary fixtures, to test your product.