• Camrig GoPro mount design Rendering
  • Camrig GoPro Mount Design Final Render
  • Camrig GoPro mount design Brass Insert Prototype
  • Camrig GoPro mount design Engineer Measurements

Project Description

Out of need for a new GoPro mount design, Camrig, manufacturer of GoPro mounts and accessories for action water sports, initiated this project. As GoPro cameras began to change shape and new models were introduced, Camrig had begun to create different line mounts for each new model. We designed a mount to universally fit the Hero 1 through Hero 4 models, as well as to accept GoPro cameras with or without Floaty backs. In addition to universally fitting four GoPro models, the new GoPro mount design focused on manufacturing cost savings as well as aesthetic changes. We redesigned the GoPro mount to accept an overmolded threaded insert, which resulted in cost savings and a more user-friendly design. The new design also consisted of an edgy visual language with molded-in graphics and a glossy gray finish, which better fit the look and feel of an action sports minded customer.

The new GoPro mount design also entailed re-engineering to strengthen fracture-prone areas, which ensured that kiteboarders do not lose their cameras from mount failure. Several rapid prototypes were produced in order to confirm that the new design was compatible with GoPro cameras. Throughout the process, we created all manufacturing prints and worked with injection molders to ensure the product was the best it could be, while maintaining the necessary price point for the market.