Diffrient Smart Chair

  • Diffrient Smart Chair design
  • Diffrient Smart Chair Product Development From Design Concept Through Production
  • Diffrient Smart Chair design
  • Back View of Humanscale Diffrient Smart Chair

Project Description

We have many years experience working with some of the top designers and companies in the contract furniture market. After the prior joint successes of the Freedom®, Liberty®, and Diffrient World® seating lines, Humanscale® and Niels Diffrient again partnered with Shea+Latone to develop the new Diffrient Smart™ Chair from concept to production.

Shea+Latone’s expertise in design development helped us ensure that Niels Diffrient’s design intent was fully carried out while we guided the project through to production. The designers, engineers, and prototypers here at Shea + Latone created all of the prototypes, 3D CAD, and manufacturing prints while ensuring the product met all international regulatory standards. The chairs design was validated through several rounds of comprehensive testing in our in-house testing facilities. Shea+Latone’s experience and close work with Niels Diffrient, Humanscale, and their vendors allowed the Smart Chair to be a fast paced project that didn’t waste time and money getting to market.

The Diffrient Smart Chair is now certified as a Living Product through Humanscale’s achievement of full Living Product Challenge Certification.