• Transwall ONE frameless glass wall design
  • Transwall ONE glass wall system wall design
  • Transwall ONE glass wall design closed system
  • Transwall ONE glass wall design
  • Transwall glass wall design

Project Description

Transwall, an industry leader in modular and moveable walls, turned to us for assistance in the development of the new wall design, ONE. ONE is a frameless glass wall system featuring a sleek and modern appearance with a minimal profile. In addition to having these qualities, a focus was also placed on ease of installation to allow ONE to be an economical choice by requiring minimal labor.

Achieving the minimal look of ONE was a challenge due to manufacturing and tolerance limitations. The wall design required glass panels to be butted edge to edge, leaving as small of a gap as possible. Our team of designers and engineers designed a flexible leveling system to overcome this challenge. This leveling system also allowed for installation flexibility, which was important for ONE’s installation process to be simple and easy.

Our involvement with ONE continued into the design of complimentary door and hardware offerings. ONE’s framework was created to allow for wooden, glass, hinged and sliding doors. This versatility allows ONE to be fully integrated into any office building, whether a standalone system or as part of another Transwall product, and to keep up with the ever-changing needs of workplace interiors.