Creative Product Design Services

At the core of Shea+Latone is the drive to create original product designs and well-thought-out ideas. While being grounded by real world constraints, we strive to provide creative solutions to your toughest product design challenges. Good product design does not follow a set formula and our industrial designers have the experience to seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality requirements into a single innovative, attractive, and successful concept.

Some design projects are not always predefined— they may require research or developing a corporate product design strategy before creative work can begin. We can help research market needs or develop a long-term strategy for your company’s new product offerings.This may include competitive product research, environment studies, or product offering mapping.

Brainstorming, concept sketching, and general exploration are all parts of the ideation process. This step is when all ideas, from mild to wild, are thrown onto the table for further consideration.
Getting a product design concept to a visual state as quickly as possible is at the core of any designer’s process. We visually communicate ideas to our clients through the use of many different media including renderings, conceptual CAD models, and photo realistic computer renderings.

Another important form of visual communications is through proof-of-concept prototypes. Some ideas are best shown in the physical form instead of staying in the 2D world. These mock-ups help quickly create working study models to prove out mechanisms, scale, and ergonomics.