Expertise in Product Development

We have grown to be experts in product development and it is this skill that sets us apart from all other firms. Product development involves a variety of disciplines, creative problem solving skills, and a seamless integration between all aspects of design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing. It is our expertise in this critical step that will help bring your product to market smoothly.

A large portion of product development work is taking design concepts and refining them to make a more production ready product. Designs at this stage will be studied in terms of manufacturability and any necessary changes will be made while always preserving design intent. These refinements often require numerous presentations and meetings between all parties to make the proper design decisions that balance original intent, manufacturability, and cost targets.
During the product development process it is common that we make several prototypes for a variety of purposes. Looks-Like prototypes are helpful to refine aesthetics and can vary from full scale to small scale depending on the complexity of the design. Works-Likes prototypes are helpful to refine mechanisms or test high risk areas of the design. These prototypes may be of a small portion of the design where a mechanism lives or the entire product if needed.
Often performed on Works-Likes prototypes in our extensive test lab, preliminary testing is critical to ensure that the product design has no weak points and will withstand the rigors of normal use. Preliminary test results provide valuable information to our engineers and help us define the needed materials and processes for each part.
Needed for creating prototypes in our shop, we begin 2D prints earlier on in the process than most other firms. We find this is helpful for clear communication between all parties and helps track revisions made based on testing and prototyping. Documentation at this stage can also be used for preliminary RFQ’s to potential vendors who often provide valuable feedback about part design.