Production Fixtures & Gauges

At Shea+Latone, we leverage our in-depth knowledge of your product to get a jump start on production fixtures, assembly aids, and custom tools. We can simultaneously develop the product and the tools needed to assemble it by using prototype fixtures to assemble the prototypes. This early consideration of assembly helps speed time to market and allows the production line to provide feedback on fixtures early in our process. We also have extensive experience building field technician tools, check gauges, quality control tools and testing equipment.

If your product needs specialty fixtures during the assembly process, our team can work with you to develop a design for your particular application. Once the assembly fixture design is approved, we can fabricate one or several depending on your need. We will work with you to ensure the fixtures function within your existing operation and meet the ergonomic needs of your line workers.

Check gauges can be a valuable tool for part approval. We have experience making a range of custom radius gauges, pin gauges and go-no-go gauges for checking part geometry and tolerances. If fixture accuracy and repeatability is a concern, we can perform and provide Reliability and Repeatability (R&R) reports to meet your QC needs.

We design and develop custom tools that can be produced in short runs for use by field technicians, assemblers and installers. These tools often have to be affordable to produce, while being robust enough to withstand the rigors of use in the field.

Our prototypers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to professionally handle any fabrication task. Our skills can be used for making frames for equipment and fixtures, creating metal prototypes or simply repairing a worn out tool. Our prototype shop is fully outfitted with many forming and cutting tools along with MIG and TIG welding capabilities. Fabricated parts can also be media blasted and painted as needed.