Our prototyping experts at Shea+Latone utilize modern rapid prototyping techniques coupled with traditional craftsmanship in order to turn ideas into reality quickly. This in-house prototyping and fabrication capability allows us to prove and test the viability of ideas early in the development process. Our expert team is here to prototype products, from early study models, to multiple fully functioning prototypes for photo shoots and trade shows.

Our in-house FDM rapid prototyping machine has become a staple in many facets of our product design & development process. The 3D printing technology has greatly reduced development time. We also utilize our 3D printer for mold making, which speeds up production fixture development, and to fixture parts to exact computer geometry.

We offer a unique service for prototyping foam parts. We make temporary molds of your part that can then be used for making foam parts in a variety of durometers. We also make molds for thermoforming plastic shells, which can be molded into foam parts, creating a part that is more easily mounted. Foam prototyping is a cost effective way of making soft foam parts with a durable skin just like production parts.

Our expert prototypers have the skills and tools needed to make some of the best fully functioning prototypes in the industry. We have equipment for metal working, wood working, CNC routing, mold making, foam molding, plastic forming and for various painting and finishing processes. Our prototypes are so true to the finished production parts that they are commonly used for product photography and marketing presentations. Our prototypes have been shown at many tradeshows including Neocon, ICFF, Orgatec and Salone de Mobile.

Works-like prototypes are invaluable when a mechanical idea needs to be proven out quickly. Our experts can quickly mock-up mechanisms to test function or to prove out ergonomics. We can also use these prototypes to test mechanical ideas early in the development process.